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NuFilter™ High Performance Custom RF Filters

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NuFilter™ Custom RF Filters

The NuFilter™ product line includes quick-turn custom filters (QUICKFIL) and complex custom filters (CUSTOMFIL). We design various filter topologies such as Bandpass, Highpass, Lowpass, and Notch filters.

Our QUICKFIL program provides quotations within 24 hours with a response plot and mechanical drawing. Receive your finished filter within 2 – 3 weeks after receipt of order. This program fulfills our quick-turn methodology of filters that are moderately complex in design and within the following parameters:

• 1 to 20 GHz
• 5% to 28% 3 dB bandwidth
• Up to 50 W power handling

Are your specifications outside of these parameters? Not to worry, we cater to a full spectrum of RF filters.

Our CUSTOMFIL program provides the same expertise, but caters to more design-intensive, complex orders. The lead times reflect this complexity and can be longer than 3 weeks, typically less than 8 weeks.

Don’t have time to input all your specifications or would like a sales engineer to contact you?

Select Request Quote Assistance to initiate contact with a sales engineer and be provided freedom to input specifications within a text box. From here the sales engineer will assist you to determine what filter solution works best for your system.

• Band Pass
• Low Pass
• High Pass
• Band Reject (Notch)

• Dual-Band GPS Filter for L1 & L2
• Iridium Notch Filter
• Diplexer for the Bandit Radio
• Notch Filter for S-Band Power Amplifier
• Minimal Insertion Loss
• High Performance
• Ruggedized Assembly
• Small Form Factor
• Competitively Priced
• High Reliability
• Military Screening Available