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NuFilter™ High Performance Custom Filters

Custom Bandpass Filters
Custom Lowpass Filters
Custom Highpass Filters
Custom Notch Filters
Custom Cavity Filters
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The NuFilter™ product line includes quick-turn custom-designed filters. Preliminary design and quotation within 24 hours.

• HF to 20 GHz
• 1% to 29% 3 dB bandwidth
• Up to 50 W power handling

Fill out and submit the Custom Filter Design Form for a quotation on a custom filter meeting your requirements.

• Band Pass
• Low Pass
• High Pass
• Band Reject (Notch)

• Dual-Band GPS Filter for L1 & L2
• Iridium Notch Filter
• Diplexer for the Bandit Radio
• Notch Filter for S-Band Power Amplifier
• Minimal Insertion Loss
• High Performance
• Ruggedized Assembly
• Small Form Factor
• Competitively Priced
• High Reliability
• Military Screening Available