HILNA™ HF Low Noise Amplifier

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High Linearity Wideband LNA with 30 dB of Gain

NuWaves’ HILNA HF delivers 30 dB of gain over the 2 MHz to 50 MHz range, with less than 5 dB of Noise Figure and an OIP3 of +30 dBm. This model features automatic gain control (AGC) operation as an option.

The HILNA HF amplifiers are designed to achieve low noise and high third order intercept point along with extremely high gain. These characteristics are maintained across multiple octaves; covering the 2 MHz to 50 MHz Frequency Range.

Custom Solutions Available:

  • Other Bandwidths
  • Military Screening
  • Form Factors
  • Filtering
  • Gain




Frequency Range 2 MHz to 50  MHz Size 3.15″ x 2.50″ x 1.18″
(L x W x H)
RF Gain 30 dB (typ) Weight  5 oz.
Reverse Isolation 53 dB (typ)
Noise Figure 3 dB (typ)


OIP3 +30 dBm (typ) Operating Temperature -30 to +70 °C
P1dB +18 dBm (typ) Storage Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Supply Voltage +12 to +30 VDC
Current Consumption 300 mA (typ)


Power Connector 9-pin Micro-D (socket) Classification EAR 99
RF Connectors SMA (female)
HF Low Noise Amplifier

•  Ultra Low Noise Applications
•  LNA for Cellular Base Stations
•  High Linearity Applications
•  General Purpose Amplification
•  High Performance Receivers
•  Military Radios
•  RF Pre-amplification
•  RF Wideband Front-Ends
•  Evaluation and Test Setups
•  University Research and Instruction
•  Low Level Signal Amplification
•  RF Signal Distribution Amplifiers
•  Multi-Signal Environment Amplifier
•  Increase Link Margin in Radio Systems
•  Test and Measurement
•  Engineering Laboratories

•  Fully Characterized Assembly
•  Can be utilized in different applications
•  Ruggedized Assembly
•  Low Cost
•  Highly Reliable
•  Multi-Octave Frequency Coverage