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NuWaves Frequency Converters

NuWaves’ Multi-Octave RF Upconverter, or MORF™, is a small and versatile RF upconverter module featuring programmable IF and RF frequencies, variable attenuation control, and user-selectable IF bandwidth filtering. Accepting an intermediate frequency (IF) input signal in the range of 2 MHz to 70 MHz, MORF provides an RF output signal between 2 MHz and 3000 MHz with 5 kHz tuning resolution. Additional features include 50 dB of attenuation control over the RF amplitude and two IF bandwidth options of 4 MHz and 35 MHz. The MORF is configurable via any serial terminal program or an optional graphical user interface (GUI). MORF applications include RF communications systems including software defined radios (SDR), telemetry, electronic warfare systems including SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT, etc.

Pair MORF with NuWaves’ ConvertaWave2 RF downconverter for a complete transmit and receive RF front-end that covers 200 to 2500 MHz with exceptional RF performance.

NuWave’s ConvertaWave™ series of RF Downconverters offer unmatched precision with 100 kHz or 1 Hz tuning resolution with superior rejection of out-of-band interference. These Downconverters are robust, providing high dynamic performance, and featuring bothautomatic gain control (AGC) and manual gain control (MGC). ConvertaWave’s combination of power efficiency, miniaturization and ruggedized packaging is ideal, but not limited to: SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT, and RF down conversion.

A development kit that includes the GUI software for the PC Control Panel, a 12 V power supply and an interface cable assembly is available as an ordering option.

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