ConvertaWave™ RF Downconverter

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The ConvertaWave™ model RF225-500DCV1, is a robust RF downconverter, providing high dynamic range performance over the 225-500 MHz frequency range.

The 70 MHz IF output is band-limited to 500 kHz. The downconverter provides superior rejection of out of band signals, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) / Manual Gain Control (MGC) operation, and operates over VHF and UHF frequencies in 100 kHz steps. The ConvertaWave has extremely low noise figure and user selectable features.

The ConvertaWave has over 100 dB of manual gain control, inclusive of an automatic gain control (AGC) mode. Boasting a system noise figure under 5 dB and a local oscillator (LO) with extremely low phase noise, the ConvertaWave is well suited for industrial, commercial, and military applications.

For additional information on the ConvertaWave RF Downconverter email our technical solutions department or contact sales. Demo Units available to qualified customers.


P/N: RF225-500DCV1



Frequency Range 200 MHz to 500  MHz Size 6.50″ x 4.00″ x 0.75″
(L x W x H)
IF Output 70 MHz Weight 11.3 oz.
IF Rejection 80 dB (typ)
IF Bandwidth 500 KHz


Image Rejection 76 dB (typ) Operating Temperature -20 to +50 °C
Tuning Resolution 100 kHz Storage Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Supply Voltage +10 to +18 VDC (+12 VDC Nominal)
Current Consumption 220 mA @ +12 VDC (typ)


Interface Connector 9 pin Micro-D (Socket) Classification ITAR Controlled
RF Connectors SMA (female)
Serial Interface RS-232

frequency converter


•  RF Down-conversion
•  RF Signal Receivers
•  RF Front-end for Tactical Receivers
•  Software Defined Radios
•  Test Bed Developments
•  RF Tuner with IF
•  Programmable RF Frequency Conversion
•  Waveform Receivers

•  Simple User Interface Control
•  Evaluation Kits Available
•  Sleep Mode
•  Triple Cascade Varactor Tuned Filters (Superior Rejection of Out of Band Signals)
•  Processor Controlled Downconverter
•  Configuration Storage
•  Custom Solutions (Frequency Modifications to Your Specifications)